We are a non-profit incorporated organization that works with school administrators, teachers, parents and students to enhance the educational and athletic programs at West Seneca West High School.

Through fund raising activities we provide funds for two major areas:
Scholarships for seniors leaving WSW high School. All students (athletes or non-athletes) are eligible. The major requirement for these scholarships is membership with the WSW Sports Boosters.
Grants/mini-grants to applicants/requesters for the benefit of WSW High School programs. Our goal is to “benefit” as many students/athletes as possible with our funding and assistance. Giving assistance to teams rather than individuals is our goal!!!
We support the Varsity W Club located at WSW High School.

We will meet our goals by requesting assistance from the students, teachers, parents and administrators. We will use, as best as possible, student involvement that will assist the students in accomplishing their academic goals.

BY LAWS can be found: Here

The By Laws of the Corporation were put into effect to support the Club’s mission.